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Take Your Kids on Global Adventure with Little Passports

Have you ever thought how important it is to make your little ones know about the world we live in? Inspiring children to learn about this world is very essential so that from an early age they will feel a special connection with this world. But the real challenge is to make this learning experience enjoyable and fun for them. Instead of making them learn geography in a boring way you must try some innovative ideas to introduce them to different countries of the world. To make this task easier for you, Little Passports is here! Subscribe with Little Passports at low rates using Little Passports Coupon.

 Making Geography Fun and Exciting For Little Minds 

Subscription services are in great trend these days from food to beauty products you can have custom-made boxes of your favorite subscription items directly at your doorsteps. Many stores have now started different types of subscription services for the kids too and Little Passports is one of them. You don't have to pay the huge amount of subscription fee because Little Passports Coupon and Little Passports Promo Codes are here for you to benefit from. 

 It is basically an educational subscription service that takes your child to a virtual world tour. Every month a packet will be delivered at your doorstep which is full of pamphlets, recipes, games, stories, stickers, postcards, souvenirs and more. Every box will feature a new topic about a new country or continent to make your child explore the world in an interesting way. This will be a perfect gift your little travelers! 

Award-Wining Subscriptions for Young Travelers 

At Little Passports, they open the doors of the world and let your children discover every nook and corner of it. Let your child imagine things and see this world from a whole new direction. They have four different subscriptions depending on your child's age and interest. 

  • Early Explorers:

They have a special subscription for toddlers for ages 3-5. The Early Explorers monthly subscription provides an incredible way to get educational toys every month! You can book this subscription at cheap rates using Little Passports Coupon. 

When you sign up for Early Explorers, you will receive a box specially designed for preschoolers in which you will find a number of toys, learning games, trading cards and other fun activities. Every packet will be designed according to a new unique theme like food, culture, art or music. You can choose between different topics like ocean, seas, deserts, gardens and more. For example, an ocean-themed box contains fishing games, pamphlets with fun facts about underwater life, a sticker of sea life and other surprises. Every item in the box is carefully designed keeping your toddler's age in mind. 

  • World Edition: 

After Early Explorers, the next subscription in line is World Edition which is specially designed for ages 6-10. It lets little wanderers discover one country at a time in a very entertaining way.  Every month a box will arrive containing items according to your selected country. Your child will travel the alongside two fictional characters Sofia and Sam. In this package, there will be letters from their imaginary friends telling them about their adventures and journeys to different countries of the world. This box will include souvenirs, photographs, maps, booklets, goodies, stickers, activity sheets along with access to online games and activities. Your child will gain knowledge about world geography, come through new recipes, and learn interesting facts about a specific country. All of this can be bought at most exciting rates with Little Passports Coupon. 

After receiving their World Editions children get enough knowledge of the world to surprise their parents and teachers.  After knowing about a certain country children get curious and wish to visit it with their family too. The unique destinations inspire them making them a more enthusiastic traveler. Take your child on a journey around this world at lowest possible rates with Little Passports Coupon. 

  • USA Edition:

After World Edition here comes USA Edition for ages 7-12! This subscription is especially designed to make your little ones discover the USA. Your children will explore the USA along with their imaginary friends Sam and Sofia. In this box you will get large size activity books which will make your child do some very creative stuff and learn a lot of knowledgeable things while having fun. Through puzzles, educational games, word games, arts activity your child will learn important facts about the history of USA. From doing research on pennies to learning about dining etiquette, children will get to know a lot about culture, food, architecture, people,  music & arts of US. Little Passports lighting promo code and Little Passports Coupon is here to facilitate your child's learning by providing you with huge discounts. 

  • Science Expedition:

After USA Edition they bring Science Expedition subscription for ages 9+. Bigger kids can know learn some scientific facts and can perform scientific experiments in a marvelous way. Children will unleash the hidden mysteries of the world through a science project. Kids are curious about everything always want to learn new things, this subscription which you can get at stunning rates with  Little Passports Coupon is specially designed to satisfy the curious nature of our kids. Inspire them with these most innovative monthly science kits! 

Consistently, your tyke will get a pack loaded with science tests identified with subjects like rockets, scientific science, vision, holes and precious stones, hydrology, thus considerably more! Their membership bundles are intended for kids and contain hands-on science activities that energize interdisciplinary intuition which is generally known as STEM exercises incorporating science, innovation, engineering, and math standards. Benefit from Little Passports Coupon to make your child learn some amazing skills at low rates. 

Both Science and Arts are essential for a balanced learning.  And that is the reason they fuse comic books and aesthetic exercises into the STEM ideas of every month to month bundle. Subscribe now using Little Passports Coupon & Little Passports Discount Codes 2017 to get a box full of thrilling activities on a monthly basis.  

How Little Passport Meets Your Child Learning Needs?

The little passports monthly kits are here to meet the learning needs of your kids like never before. No other subscription box provides such great opportunity of learning while playing. It focuses on basic building blocks including math skills, reading skills, writing skills, problem-solving skills and other important skills that are needed for their developing minds. Always use Little Passports Coupon to get awesome deals at most amazing rates. Some of the main skills that the can learn includes, Reading maps, Awareness about geographical locations, Learning about diverse cultures, Getting familiar with innovative ideas, Connecting with the outside world. 

Benefit from Little Passports at Budget-Friendly Rates

If you are thinking that these subscriptions will be very pricey, that does not case! You can get them at most affordable rates using Little Passports Coupon Codes 2017 or Little Passports Coupon. You can take it on monthly basis, for 3 months, half a year or can even go for a yearly subscription. Prices vary depending upon the chosen packages; the price range is usually between $12.95 and $18.95 per month. You can go for auto-renew subscription or can also cancel your subscription anytime. You can get your subscription boxes shipped free at your doorsteps using Little Passports Free Shipping Code.

We bet that Little Passports will exceed your expectations. Your kids will seriously go to love it and will get indulge in all of the great activities that Little Passports offer them. 

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About Little Passports

Are you facing a problem in making your child learn geography, science and social studies? Then little passports is here to help you. Their mission is to make it easier for your child to learn about the world they are living it. They provide monthly educational subscriptions that are exclusively designed by experienced educationists. Your children will be able to learn about different countries, continents, wonders of the world and a lot of other things. So, hurry up and get this amazing subscription for your kids at low rates with Little Passports Coupon and Promo Codes. Make your child look at this world in a different and newer way! 

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