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Haus of JR is an online store proving cool and trendy apparel for kids of all ages. They provide the best quality clothes for your little ones at great prices. Haus of JR offers clothes that are designed and styled to fit both boys and girls because their clothes are unisex. Haus of JR apparel is proven to meet all the necessary needs of mothers when they look for their children's clothing. If you want to give your child's wardrobe a trendy makeover, then you will buy clothes only from Haus of JR. Kids these days love to mimic the style of their parents or elder siblings, so Haus of JR is here to provide them with the best solution.

 They provide clothes for babies, toddlers and even grownups that are comfortable to wear and are available in many different shapes and sizes. Their size range is so accurately designed that you are going to find a size that suits your kids. They offer many different types of clothes for children of all ages. You can avail exciting discounts on Haus of JR by using Haus Of JR Coupon and  haus of jr coupon codes 2017   


If you're a mother then looking for astonishing clothing, then you've come to the right place because Haus of JR is all about stylish clothing for your little ones. Discover the trendiest and chic tops for your children that you will also find eye-pleasing and cool. Haus of JR provides very fashionable tops for grownups, toddlers and even for babies. From plaid button-ups to short sleeves hoodies, Haus of JR has everything related to cool clothing. They offers many styles of tops ranging from long sleeve button-ups, long sleeve flannel button-ups, hooded flannel, track jacket, hockey jersey and short sleeve crew. The most expensive top available on their website is the Aaden western plaid button up top. It's priced at $62, but you can avail discount on this product through haus of jr discount codes 2017 and haus of jr coupon. 

Haus of JR offers a variety of snazzy tees for your children. They cater to provide fashionable as well as comfy tees for babies, grownups, and toddlers. Haus of JR's tee range is massive and modernized. They love following to latest fashion trends, and you can experience that in their work. Their website offers many different types of tees ranging from skate tee, Preston elongated tee, Prescott tee, tricycle tee, smile tee, crop tees, tanks, Howard tee, long sleeve tees, short sleeve tees, to Harper tees. The priciest tee from them all is Miller 2 inset tee. It is a sub knit tee with a boat neck. It costs $40, but with haus of jr promo codes 2017, you can avail this at amazing discounts by using haus of jr coupon.


Jeans are always trending. They add casualness to your whole outfit making it look nice and simple. Kids wear jeans all the time so the denim used in their jeans should make them feel entirely comfy. Haus of JR makes the trendiest and the comfiest jeans ranging from leather denim, cargo denim, biker denim, zip denim, ripped denim, forest denim, and slim denim, to distressed denim jeans. Landry denim jean is the most costly jean with a price tag of $72. But you can get this at a surprisingly low price through haus of jr coupon.


Outerwear is essential when we are talking about kids and babies because they need to be extra protected and covered. Haus of jr offers a range of different outerwear that includes, hoodies, crewnecks, bomber jackets, hoodie ponchos, track jackets, biker jackets, pea coats, varsity jackets, coaches jackets, souvenir jackets, Sherpa ponchos and aviator jackets. Wyatt souvenir jacket is the most expensive jacket in this category with a price of $80, but you can get this for lesser the amount by using haus of jr coupon.   


It is already hectic to shop for children's clothing that you have to shop for the matching pair of tops or bottoms to with your purchased item but worry no more. Haus of JR offers a large variety of matching sets for you to choose from. You don't need to worry about a specific design because all sets are designed for both girls and boys. They offer perfect pairing of jackets with pants in many different styles that are bomber jackets with bomber pants, varsity pants, and jackets, souvenir pants, and jacket, track top and pants, camo moto sweatpants with hoodie tee. Track jacket with pants, Mickey jersey with hoop shorts, Howard tee with shorts, lilo button up with shorts, runner sweats with a hoodie, washed sweatpants with crewneck, and hoodie poncho with sweatpants. Devin seasons bomber jacket and pants are the priciest matching pair on Haus of JR. The price of the pair is $136, and it can be purchased at an incredible discount through haus of jr coupon.   


Haus of jr offers many different colors of hats. Their caps are so cool and are definite to make a style statement for your kid's outfit. Haus of jr provides snapback hats in many colors including pink, blue, red, white, black and crème. Their hats are all priced at $22 making it not heavy on the pocket, but you can get it for even a lesser amount by using haus of jr coupon. 


Getting rewards for your shopping is surely cherry on the top. Get rewards when you shop from Haus of jr and avail exclusive discounts by using those reward points. The more reward points you have, the more discounts you will get. In order to gain rewards, you will just have to complete simple tasks of referring a friend, signing in or following their social media accounts. So what are you waiting for? Buy stunning clothing for your little champs at an amazing discount when you use the haus of jr coupons. Happy shopping!

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Don't you think kids also need to be fashionable? If yes, then shop from Haus Of JR to keep them up to date with the latest trends in fashion clothing. Moms usually look for cute and adorable outfits but now it's the time to introduce your children to e-long tops and ripped denim! Their products feature contemporary fashion that will make your little ones looks absolutely amazing. If you are a fashionable parent then your kid must follow the latest fashion too! So, hurry up and shop thorough Haus Of JR Coupon and Promo Codes to get everything on a budget. 

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