Why Do We Celebrate Flag Day

Why Do We Celebrate Flag Day

Every occasion has its own value and importance; we all should respect and should make every possible effort to celebrate those occasion with love and honor. As we all know there is a day which is on the way to come this week; Flag day is coming this week. This blog will help all to know what Flag day is about and what is the importance of this day and other must-known facts. Flag Day is celebrated every year in the United States on 14 June to honor the flag of the country. People throughout the country proudly fly their Country`s flag to demonstrate their patriotism and love for the country. There are many historical facts behind flag day which you will get to know further on; flag day history has many interesting facts for kids to know more about this day. 

It commemorates the adoption of the Flag of United States. The major reason to celebrate this day is that this day marks the adoption of the flag of United States. This day has begun with the ease to promote and honor the flag of the country. Every country is recognized and represent its identity among other nations only by his flag. Every country has a unique flag print and color and has its own story of struggles, battles, and hardships which occurred before its formation. So yes the United States have also seen many bad events before the formation of this flag, so there are loads of reasons to celebrate this day. It`s called an International Flag day too. You will get to know some interesting and important facts which are related to the flag day history, yet it is important for everyone to beware of these facts. Flag day is on its way; let`s have a look at these six interesting facts regarding flag day history which are mentioned below: 

1. On 14 June 1777, The Second Continental Congress adopted the first American Flag by passing a resolution saying resolved; the thirteen union flag of United States have thirteen stripes, alternated red and white in color; with thirteen stars in white with a blue field that represent a new constellation.  

2. In 1961 President of United States issued a proclamation that officially established 14 June as a flag day and this is the most important fact among other facts which are allied with flag day history. In 1949 National Flag Day was established by an Act of Congress.

3. Francis Hopkinson was a Philadelphian native who signed the declaration of the independence envoy from New Jersey and is credited for designing the First Flag.

4. When Vermont and Kentucky joined United State in 1795, the number of stars and stripes both were increased up to 15. It was15 stripes and 15 stars flag which was flying over Fort McHenry.

5. Then later on the numbers of stars were increased in ratio and then it was 49 stars from 4 July 1959.

6. Flag Day also shares the same date with the birthday of American Army.


The following facts are the truest and inspiring facts affiliated with flag day history.  If you have never celebrated flag day before, do celebrate this year; start a family tradition this year and flow a flag outdoor so that your children will also get to know regarding flag day history. This can be the best flag day program which you can celebrate with your loved ones. Before placing a flag outdoor you should know what type of flag you should buy; as there are many kinds of fabrics which are available easily such as:




Flag fabric for outdoor comes in these 3 materials places your flag with the right type of a flag pole to show your patriotism and love for your country. And this will display your flag more nicely. Again there are different kinds of poles which are available; make sure first select a place where you want to fly the flag. Residential flag poles and commercial flag poles both are available conveniently. 

To celebrate this day even more joyfully shop your favorite stuff from MyFirstSaving and avail top discounts for the flag day. The whole week of June starting from 12-18 June is celebrated as the Flag day week in United States dates may differ yearly but a whole is celebrated as Flag day week.  So don`t forget to buy a flag and place it outdoor whether in your office or at your home.


Many people did a lot of efforts to make this day possible for all to celebrate this day with such a pride and honor. Other patriotic groups including Colonial Dames and the Sons of the American Revolution also spent years to convince Congress to make Flag Day official in 1916. Organizations such as “The National Flag Day Foundation” are actively involved in coordinating activities centered on the event and keeping the tradition alive. 

Many flag day activities are held every year on this day such as street fairs with games, family fun, live entertainment, a patriotic pet contest, shopping and more activities are performed by every citizen to celebrate this day with patriotic zeal, determination, and enthusiastically. 

Let`s celebrate this Flag day 2017 with that patriotic attitude and get revived. This day is the best opportunity for all to show their love and respect they have for their country. The American Flag also nicknamed as “Old Glory” or “Star Spangled Banner” have changed designed over centuries. Although Flag Day is not an official holiday day in some areas of United States yet it is celebrated all over. 

After the Flag Day, it is a 21-days time period before the Independence Day which falls on 4 July; during this period of time, people conduct many public gatherings, activities to get them self-involved before the independence day and to honor and celebrate the freedom they got as a nation. Let`s celebrate each day with the same patriot heart and embrace all the good things you all have as a nation.