Unboxing Experiences Helps To Boost Your E-commerce Business

Unboxing Experiences Helps To Boost Your E-commerce Business

YouTube contains plenty of videos, where you can watch a detailed review of thousand of products/items which you love to buy; some people also like to share their personal experiences and specifications of the brand with others. You will find many videos showcasing people unpacking boxes of their favorite stuff which they bought recently. 

Unboxing or unpacking is another way of sharing that particular product with the people who are around you, through posting videos that help others in selecting the right choice for them. Similarly, Lootcrate unboxing videos display how their fans recorded every step of unboxing to show them their experience of Lootcrate. The videos also reveal many interesting facts and reviews related to Lootcrate. They are  informative and knowledgeable for almost every person. This is a major and beneficial advantage of sharing videos, reviews and product information through sharing unboxing videos. By sharing these unboxing videos people get to know more about the product which you received from any particular brand. This is a unique way to share the product, brand and quality of that item to inspire others to buy the same product as per their convenience. 


Today, this unboxing experience has helped to boost E-commerce business a lot and also it`s proven to become a good source of marketing for the brands, this is the most important reason behind every famous and well know brand.  Let`s have a look on how you can upgrade and boost your business through this unboxing experience. So what are the core elements which make these unboxing videos popular? The reason is the interest and trust of every consumer which is put into these online reviews. When they consumers consider sharing their desired products, this step is credited as a source of attaining more perks and helps more in boosting E-commerce business. 


Every good brand has its own value and delivers excellence through its quality. We know there are many good brands and products which caters best stuff. There are many good brands which are tending to become best with the phrase of time. Brands such as Le tote, Lootcrate, iPhone 7 Plus , Samsung Galaxy S8, and Dollar Shave Club. These brands are the most famous and well known brands which delivered the best stuff every day for everyone.  A great unboxing video can actually boost your product marketing and increase sales. So this is an advantageous and favorable attempt for the brands too. 



We all know that almost in every country and in every language million of videos of unboxing products are available on internet. Unboxing videos are gaining great views day by day. Unboxing is just a name as it sounds like taking out something out of a box but it is much more than this. It is hence proven by the ratio which is 1.6 million videos on YouTube which are present with popular channels showcasing 2.4 billion views.  It might be sounding odd, this is just an approx figure which is still growing each year up to 57% according to Google. You can now have an idea that unboxing experience has now created a buzz all around the globe. 


Being a YouTube user we all like to watch and subscribe to our favorite YouTube channels every day and there are some specific bloggers who love to share reviews about different products and brands, YouTube and other social media forums are filled with these incredible bloggers.  There are many good bloggers which are sharing exceptional unboxing videos, bloggers such as:

1. Leiws Hilsenteger: 

This blogger is running a channel which is name as Unbox therapy and the amount of subscribers are about 8,496,528.  

2. Marques Brownlee:

You can watch amazing high-tech unboxing videos on his channel and this blogger contains 4,923,907 subscribers. 

3. Austin Evans: 

This blogger is also providing best unboxing videos and 2409,389 subscribes are following him through his YouTube channel. 

4. Jonathan Morrison: 

You will find the excellent unboxing videos on this blogger`s YouTube channel which is named as TLD and he got 2,141,016 subscribers on his channel. 

5. UrAvgConsumers:

This blogger has a Youtube Channel named as UrAcreviews with 1,316,061 subscribers. 


Unboxing or unpacking reveals a clear and brilliant fact that whatever we see is much better than what we heard off. So yes this unboxing experience is far better than searching the brand or product on internet for hour and hours. That is why the main theory of posting these videos is obviously to help customers who are searching for the things they require. This also helps in motivating the consumers after watching any unboxing video and knowing its specifications people get ready to buy that product easily. I myself, prefer this step because more often whenever I am about to shop, I search and watch a particular unboxing video so that I can have a detail look on the product. So yes it is useful and valuable step indeed. 


Unboxing experience trend was set with an idea to promote healthy marketing, review regarding the product and also it was established as a source of increment in the E-commerce business. It was firstly started as packing and delivering your desire item into a green colored box. As we all know green color symbolizes freshness and it is a bright color too. This trend was connected with the idea of ecology, so every company began to manufacture their product packing boxes into green packing. This nature trend stood for a long term and helped this social cause too. 

Now it is quite easy and simple to know about this unboxing experience. it is a useful and beneficial attempt in every way which now has become a most popular and trending method to promote a certain product/ brand with the people around you through different social media forums. Do watch any unboxing video to gain product knowledge and brand review for a better shopping experience.