Top 10 Reasons to Visit Paris

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Paris

There are millions of places to travel in the world, but the one which inspires us the most is Paris. It is a marvelous city for every person who dreams to spend their life close to the beautiful nature. From its culture and architecture to its history and food, the beauty is engraved in its pores and is lit up from within its core. Whether you are visiting the `City of Lights` first time or availing a second chance to visit it, your decision is much appreciable. There is no better place than Paris to have unlimited fun and enjoyment, and we have proved this through our top 10 reasons to visit this worthy place. Plan the perfect Paris vacation for the whole family by selecting thrilling activities and eye-catching sights that are available for all age groups so no one will be disappointed.

  • The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

When you are in Paris, don`t miss the brilliant opportunity to visit Eiffel Tower. It is included in the list of top 10 places to visit in the world. Hence, you must take a view of Paris from this breathtaking place. The lines are extremely long that you end up with a long waiting. To avoid the rush and hassle, you can book the tickets online as you cannot afford to miss it. By using elevator take a beautiful view from the second floor and top as well. Your kids will deliver amazing facial expressions when they look down at the aerial view of the entire city.

  • Persian Culture

The city of lights is rich in art and architecture. Therefore, people love to visit these best holiday destinations to see the beautiful designs that are representing Persian culture. Paris consists of wonderful places that will put you in a great confusion about where to travel first but don`t stop just move ahead to visit the highest point of the city named as Basilica of the Sacré Coeur. You can enjoy by visiting the local markets which are well-known for the portraits and a variety of unique products. Moreover, your traveling in 2017 is incomplete without the visit of Musee Rodin. It is one of the great museums of the city showcasing the artist`s famous sculptures and gardens.

  • River Seine

River Seine

It is the best vacation spots for couples where they can enjoy the boat rides and have a quick view of the city`s greatest buildings. The wonderful journey of the boat delivers you the pleasant feel of the chilled air. You will get the pleasure by viewing the city`s most beautiful landmarks like Notre Dame, Musee d`Orsay, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and much more. It`s a great way to look at the most famous Persian sites of the world. You can capture these precious moments of fun and joy by taking pictures along the way. Have a glass of champagne to cheer the perfect moments with your partner. 

  • French Art

French Art

Paris is taken as the house of some of the most popular art designs in the world, and it is the ideal place to teach your kids about the art history. Head to the Musée d`Orsay that was established in an earlier railway station, built for the worldwide Exhibition of 1900. The museum exhibits the collections of art from the era 1848 to 1914. The art is very beautiful and attractive field, and kids will inspire seeing delightful pieces by Monet, Degas, and Renoir. Along with that, there is the Louvre, one of the world`s legendary museums, that displays incredible pieces of work such as the Mona Lisa and various other masterpieces. 

  • Neighborhoods

Traveling to Paris for the first time with the family is a bit difficult. Hence, you need few things to know before visiting Paris such as the famous places, neighborhoods, meals and much more. The locals of Paris have a friendly and welcoming behavior and they will take care of you like their family. When you reached there, travel different neighborhoods such as the Marais. The atmospheric cobblestoned streets, stunning boutiques and historic buildings of Marais will provide the view of a fantasy world. While visiting the city, you will find a famed market called Faubourg St. Antoine where you will get the items like local cheese, pâté, and other French delicacies.

  • Outstanding Sights and Sounds

Whenever People are thinking about vacations the first name that appears in their mind is Paris. It is counted in the list of top vacation destinations 2017 due to its marvelous sights and sounds. The place of des Vosges is the oldest planned square in Paris, and it`s the finest place for kids especially to run and play around after numerous hours of shopping and tourism. There are other various best vacation spots to spend and enjoy the entire day like the Arc de Triomphe, and then turn down the Champs Elysées. The Paris is full of tourists and crowd. Therefore, you may feel annoyed and irritated, but your kids will have great fun and will be mesmerized by the shine and excitement of moving up and down the boulevard. 

  • Beautiful Parks and Gardens

Beautiful Parks and Gardens

The artificial art and designs will never compliment the real beauty of nature. The real beauty of city exists in the greenery. The more parks and gardens the city has the more astonishing look it will give.  Paris is the name of beauty, and it is full of stunning parks and gardens with elegantly designed sculptures and well-groomed flowers. Be sure to visit the Luxembourg Gardens once as it is the second largest park in Paris owned by French Senate. You will get the ideal designs, fresh atmosphere and a bundle of games for your kids with gorgeous statues, tennis courts, chess players, a small pool and wide space to walk or run around.

  • The Taste of French Meals

The Taste of French Meals

It`s a natural thing that every place has a different taste of their food. They make some special dishes which you will find only in that particular area. French recipes show the true taste of Paris. Kids will adore tasting the variety of croissants, crêpes, baguettes, cheese, and other staples accessible in markets, street stalls, and cafés. Apart from kids, adults also have many gastronomic treats to choose from alongside classics such as croque-monsieurs, French onion soup, and niçoise salad. You will surely love the delicious French pastries and other fabulous desserts such as éclair a chocolate or mille-feuille.

  • Old-fashioned Theme Park

Old-fashioned Theme Park

The city of Paris is famous for culture, food, and architecture but along with that, it has some special places for kid`s entertainment and fun. Your kids may get bored and annoyed by viewing the same scenes again and again, and they might want some break in the City of Lights. Let`s take them to the world`s magical theme park! It is situated in the new town of Marne-la-Vallée about 20 miles away from Paris. The attractive structure and rides of Disneyland Paris have achieved the reputation for being the most visited place in France. Afterwards, the second Disney Park is open outside the US. It`s based on Orlando`s Walt Disney World in design and includes desired Disneyland mainstays such as a Small fantasy World, Space Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean on top of new ones, creating it your child`s second home theme park to deliver a bundle of fun, joy, and happiness.

  • Educational Daytrips

The trip does not base on entertainment and fun only. You should educate your kids about the history and culture of the specific place. Paris is a noticeable place where you will find amazing art, culture, and history which is inspired from old times. Take your kids out of Paris to learn more about French history by visiting multiple historical places including Versailles, the former home of royal power, Monet`s gardens at Giverny, or Saint-Denis Cathedral Basilica, and the Royal Necropolis. By exploring different educational sites, your kids will able to get the perfect knowledge of the place and explain in a better way to others. 

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