Top 10 Destinations to Travel in 2018

Top 10 Destinations to Travel in 2018

Traveling is something everyone loves to do, people plan to go out for vacations so that they can spend a good time with their loved ones. Some also love to explore new places, things, and facts about the particular destinations. Have you decided to go for a well-deserved vacation?  Have you selected the destination? Then pack your bags and travel to your favorite place this season. And book the finest resort or a luxurious hotel with RIU Hotels and Resorts and avail discounts on each reservation through RIU Hotels Coupon

The best thing to do before traveling is to plan your destination before leaving. All the expenditures, traveling details, accommodation, destinations, must be planned beforehand. Make a list of everything and list down each and every detail, and use online coupons to make a traveling budget that you can afford easily. This will give you the best traveling experience. Let`s explore some excellent Places To Travel in 2018 and enjoy your vacation with your loved ones this year. 


Here I am sharing some of the best travel destinations of 2018 with you all so that you can plan a perfect vacation trip with your loved ones. Normally during vacations, people wish to indulge in the tour of sightseeing, leisure at beach side, dinner night in a luxury hotel and whatever they wish for. Some people love to travel far and wide to their favorite destination because of the tasty food and drink. Places such as Jerusalem is famous for its exciting Levantine food, Olso for the love of coffee culture, Belgrade for its crafted beer and China for its hot n sour Chinese food to rock your taste buds. Explore Places To Travel in 2018 and have the best time together with your loved ones. 

While beach vacations are timeless and relaxing time to spend. You truly need a good resort, warm water, and a good book to read; Miami has the coolest beach mornings and afternoons for all to spend the best. Beside this Singapore has the wide range of activities and nightlife to enjoy especially for the tourist who loves to spend and enjoy their time more. 

Travel Destinations 2018

Traveling to your favorite destination is always been a fun loving experience, let`s have a look at travel destinations 2018 and choose the best place to travel and have a memorable time this year. No matter where you live if you are planning to spend some personal time with someone special then have a look on these destinations which are mentioned below: 

1. Jerusalem, Isreal

2. Honolulu, Hawaii 

3. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

4. Jebel Akhdar, Oman

5. Jura, France

6. Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

7. Malaga, Spain

8. Noosa Heads, Australia

9. Olso, Norway

10. Panama City, Panama

These destinations are some most beautiful and excellent Places To Travel in 2018. So choose your destination today and book your trip online to avail discounts through coupon. These are the places to visit in the world which is amazingly created beyond your imaginations and maybe you haven`t visited yet these places. Whereas, these places are the best vacation spots for couples to visit and engage more with each other and indulge themselves in romance and love. Places such as: 

1. Maldives

2. Dubai

3. Napa Valley, California

4. St. Lucia, Carribean Island

5. New York, New York 

6. Tamuda Bay, Morroco

7. Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii 

8. Singapore 

9. Paris, France

These are Places To Travel in 2018 for a perfect couple vacations or you can even make your honeymoon more memorable this year by visiting these extraordinary places/ destinations. Don`t forget to plan a romantic vacation trip with your someone special this year. Let her feel more special and express your love this season. 

Some Facts And Figures About Your Favorite Destination

Jerusalem, Isreal 

Jerusalem, Isreal

More than a pilgrim city  Jerusalem has now emerged as a leading culinary force; Mahane Yehuda Market and other stalls of food and
drinks stay open till late sunset for everyone to enjoy and stay engage their taste buds in the flavors of best cuisine and drinks. 

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu the capital of Hawaii has now become the powerhouse location to travel this season. In 2018, those who are looking to celebrate the summer season,
shine more and enjoy bright sunny mornings must visit this enchanting place. Enjoy Hawaii cultural events, places and food to indulge yourself in an amazing experience. 

Jebel Akhdar, Oman

Jebel Akhdar, Oman

Jebel Akhdar is in Oman, a two-hour drive from Muscat in the rocky area at Al-Hajar Mountains. A lovely place covered with high mountains,
a blanket of velvety pink damask rose blossoms and scented flowers give it a most romantic and elegant touch of class to spend a day here.
Places recently discovered here such as Anantara, Al Jabal, Al Akhdar. Do visit this place and give yourself a treat. 

Jura, France

Jura, France

Concealed with the Alpine peaks, Jura in France has wooden hills and is a small wine region in the west of Burgandy, Switzerland. 
This beautiful place has produced finest wine for past few years. And is the excellent destination to visit; don`t forget to plan your trip and avail awesome views from Jura. 

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

This mesmerizing lakeside view is definitely a relaxing vacation destination to travel. You can feel out of the world and can enjoy really a good time here, this season.
Plan a kayaking day with your special being and enjoy the beauty of this lake. It is one of the best vacation spots for couples to visit. 

Tamuda Bay, Morrocco

Tamuda Bay, Morrocco

This place located at seaside towns on Morroco`s Medditatierian coast is a unique destination place to discover; if you are about to marry this year or planning your honeymoon then this destination is the best thing one could ever choose. To celebrate your relationship and time spent alone with the one you love. This place is perfectly built to enhance affection and love. 

These Places To Travel in 2018 are the best options to select; enjoy and visit your favorite places this year and plan wisely before leaving so that you can select the destinations which are great and affordable for you. So enjoy more, spend less and make your vacations memorable this 2018.