Tips to Protect Your Lips in Winter

Tips to Protect Your Lips in Winter

Winters are around the corner, everyone has begin the preparations such as shopping for warm outfits, covering the floors with carpets and mats as well as buying ingredients to prepare soups and other winter meals. Well, you are still skipping the most important thing that is the care for your sensitive skin, it needs immense protection. Most of the time people are left with dry, cracked, flaky and itchy lips. Of course, there are other various reasons for dry lips such as excessive use of chemicals, frequently licking of lips and much more but winters are considered as the major reason behind the dryness of your lips. 

It`s a dream of every woman to get soft, smooth and moisturized lips in winters and we are here to make your dream come true by suggesting some of the most beneficial tips to protect your lips in winter as prevention is better than treating dry lips.

1.Avoid Going Outside Unnecessarily

If your work is not more important than your lip protection, stay at home. It prevents your lips from the dry air and bitterly cold wind. Remember to use a natural lip balm to protect your lips in winter. Switch on the humidifier to keep the indoor air moist. 

2.Apply Moisturizing Lipsticks to Dry Lips

Try to avoid using lipstick to protect your lips in winter season. Instead of using dark lipsticks, use moisturizing lip balm with immobile colorful tint. If you don`t feel comfortable without lipstick, apply the moisturizer based lip colors. Before sleeping, use a moisturizer to make lips softer throughout the night. Apply makeup remover or use water to get rid of your lipstick.

3.Take the Right Diet and Sufficient Amount of Water

Dehydration is the general reason that dries out the sensitive skin of lips whether it is summer or winter season. Hence, you should take lots of water on a daily basis and essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to protect your lips in winter. Avoid spicy, salty and hot food because they cause dryness and irritation. 

4.Control Your Room Temperature

While you are defending your soft pink lips from the outside world, be cautious about your indoor air temperature to protect your lips in winter. The heating system of the room in winters makes the air drier than the outdoor. Humidifier keeps the air ideally moist that`s why you should keep it in your home and office too. 

5.Don`t Lick or Bite the Lips


Everybody is habitual of licking or biting their dry lips. Biting the skin makes the lips nastier. Even, your lips can start bleeding from continuous biting or peeling. So, avoid it to protect your lips in winter. Licking also dries your lips more. The saliva of the tongue removes the moisturizer from the lips. Try home remedies for dry lips in winter or keep a pocket lip balm always with you. When you experience a little dryness, just apply it. 

6.Cover Your Lips

When you are leaving your home and going outside, make sure to cover up your lips with a scarf or a mask so that the dry air may not reach your lips. Also, take a high-quality lip balm with you.  Some of the winter coat hoods feature Velcro or button snaps that can protect your face. Wearing this coat, guarantees the freshness of your face, protect your lips in winter from the harsh wind to keep the moisturizer inside.  

7.Treat Dry Lips Naturally in Winter

Are you searching for how to protect lips naturally? Or how to get rid of dry lips in winter? Then, you are at the right destination. To have luscious-looking, soft and smooth lips; you should go for home remedies. Natural ingredients not only bring softness to the lips but they also protect lips from harsh weather. Moreover, home remedies are inexpensive and easily available in your kitchen. You can try some home remedies to protect your lips in winter.

8.Stay Away From the Allergic Products

Stay away from the products that can cause allergic reactions to your lips. The Lipsticks usually contain propyl gallate or phenyl salicylate (salol) which is not good for your lips. The toothpaste which you use regularly contains guaiazulene which may cause allergy too. Some of the food items like figs or food dyes also contain allergens. Large consumption of vitamin B12 also dries out the lips. Any product, lipsticks or food, if gives an allergic reaction to your lips should be avoided to protect your lips in winter.

9.Control Your Caffeine Intake

Winter is the coldest of all seasons and it requires a few cups of additional coffee or your desired hot tea to make you feel warm. These hot items might protect you from coldness but it results in dehydration of your lips. Take a herbal tea or a decaffeinated version rather than taking hot caffeine. It is beneficial for your health and also hydrates the lips skin and protects your lips in winter. 

10.Lip Balm, Finest Treatment for Dry Lips in winter

While purchasing a lip balm, you should reflect on its long-lasting effect, moisturizing power, natural ingredients, and SPF sunblock to protect your lips in winter. You can get all of these benefits at the most affordable rates with CandyLipz Coupon. After leaving the bed and washing your face in the morning, apply your favorite flavor lip balm. It`s good to use after every meal. Keep a balm with you in your handbag, so that whenever you feel dryness, you can apply it.