The Do`s and Don`ts of Purchasing The Perfect Shapewear

The Do`s and Don`ts of Purchasing The Perfect Shapewear

3 out of every 5 woman face the issue of body shaming in America. Whether it is post pregnancy body, or just obesity, every female needs to look her best self. An invention which changed every woman’s live was Spanx Shapewear (which comes in pretty shapes and sizes). 

Body shapers offer you the added boost of confidence when you crave to look slim and smart in fitted clothes. They level out the lumps and bumps in your figure, which is a huge advantage when you are wearing something such as a muffin top and carry the extra weight of hips and thighs, without stopping your proper blood circulation.

In the 1970s, most of the women cut off wearing the Spanx Shapewear as it was causing internal problems to their body. But now it has come back with a strong, comfortable and suitable material to give a natural-looking shape.  While selecting a modern Spanx for yourself, there are some Dos and Don’ts that you should keep in mind. Let’s explore more!

Spanx Do’s

The following points will help you to acquire the perfect Spanx which will make you forget about your irregular body shape. 

Learn How To Put on Spanx Body Shaper Correctly

One of the major reasons for not wearing Spanx is that some people find it too tricky to wear. A lot of hilarious videos have been posted on the internet which includes falling while wearing the undergarment. Severe pain was also experienced while putting the efforts to drag on a spandex garment. Due to lack of knowledge, most of these women don’t know how to put a Spanx in the right way. You need to be patient and calm as it requires a bit more efforts in wearing.

Try The Desired Spanx Once Before Buying


Every woman has a different body shape with various choices, and just because your friend suggested you wear the similar one will not give you the effective results. The only way to be sure about suitable Spanx for women is to try it in changing room to get the idea how it looks beneath clothing. So many women order it from trusted online brands and get the parcel directly at their doorsteps. Hence, remember your accurate size to avoid the hassle of returns and exchange.

Know How Frequently the Garment is worn


A huge collection of styles, designs, and levels of comfort are offered in every type of body shaping garment you want to purchase. If a woman is wearing slinky outfit for a special event, then she needs a Spanx for dresses to cover the fat tummy for an entire day in order to look fabulous and stunning among the crowd. You can buy shaper for casual wear to get a slim and smart look.You can invest in something which will go a long way. The smart thing is to use Spanx coupon.

Pay Attention to Care Instructions

pay attention

Every brand provides a pamphlet with a product that contains care instructions to aware the people about how to maintain the quality and worth of the product while utilizing it. Cleaning it in the washing machine may be harder, and extra heat causes rubber and spandex to break down, so you should prefer hand washing and line drying by following other specifications in order to ensure that a Spanx for women preserves its effectiveness and long life. 

Wash New Pieces Before Wearing


Washing the new clothes before wearing is an important rule that you should follow for all clothing items such as undergarment, innerwear, and outerwear. While manufacturing, the fabric is processed with different chemicals such as polyester, nylon, and spandex. Outfits are also touched by many people throughout packing, shipping, and displaying. Sometimes it is dropped on the floor by customers, sneezed on, or goes from other situations. After buying, soak the Spanx in soapy water and follow the care instructions closely.

Spanx Don’ts:

The following points of Don’ts will help you to be aware of some common mistakes that you make at the time of purchase. Scroll down to acquire the perfect Spanx for women along with the reasons.

Find The Accurate Size


People usually think that the smaller size of Spanx perfectly fits on the body while, the larger size of Spanx provides comfort with ease. Unfortunately, the thought proved wrong. A Spanx that is too tight will cut off the blood circulation and creates ugly rolls and bulges at the end of the Spanx. Instead of choosing smaller and larger, purchase full body Spanx with firmer support in the exact size.

Avoid a Purchase Based on Before-and-After Photos


In the modern world of technology, countless women have an idea of marketing that many brands digitally changed or retouched the photos of their products to catch the attention of the buyers and appear amazingly effective. Do not trust on the marketing photos and try to check the shaper. We have discussed the fact that all women have different body shape so even if the pictures are correct and precise, the Spanx for one woman may not be suitable on another. 

Carry On With Healthy Diet and Exercise


A Spanx will only deliver you the fabulous shape at the time of wearing. It is not an alternate for the health benefits of good nutrition and exercise. Moreover, Spanx is ineffective on the beach and in the bedroom. Healthy eating will make you strong and energized as well as reduces the risk of numerous diseases. Working out in the gym membership, yoga classes, or daily morning walks on the track, raises confidence, boosts power, improves your figure, provide a stress-free sleep and much more fruitful results. 

These are some helpful guidelines of dos and don`ts of wearing Spanx. Hence, we believe that this level of information may not dishearten anyone or put down the impression that Spanx is not comfortable and relaxed. It increases the level of satisfaction that women can obtain from their Spanx.  When you are going to purchase one for yourself, try to keep above-mentioned points in your mind and concentrate on the brand, style, the accurate size and much more. We will feel glad to read your comment or experiences which you have with your body shapers. Good Luck!