30 Must Have Gadgets Every Modern Traveler Needs

30 Must Have Gadgets Every Modern Traveler Needs

Travelling is fun, but it can be more enjoyable if you are carrying some of the coolest must-have travel gadgets along with you! If you are a modern day traveler, you can make your travel experience a lot more convenient by taking along a number essential travel gadgets ranging from portable solar lights to pocket-sized drones. If you are also packing your bags for an expedition, must have a look at this list of best travel gadgets for backpackers! All of them are compact and fit for travel and will surely make your trip convenient, safer, and exciting.

VSSL Flask Flash Light

This multi-functional gadget is a must-have for all the travelers; it will work as your water container and torch both. Whether you are climbing a mountain or exploring a dessert, this amazing travel accessory is something you should take along for your outdoor adventures. Because of its high usability, it has topped our list of best travel gadgets 2017. 

Original Heated Insoles Foot Warmers

These High-Tech Foot Warmers are your best friends during a winter expedition. These will make your winter activities fun by providing the necessary warmth to your feet. These innovative foot warmers are equipped with thermal technology that will make your feet comfortable and prevent them from frostbite. 

Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

It will work best for business travelers which makes it tops the list of business travel gadgets. If you want to have wrinkle-free clothing while traveling then you must grab this mini travel steam iron. This adorable looking iron features a 420-watt motor with three different heating levels. It’s so small that it can even rest on your palm and efficiently removes away all the wrinkles. 

Anker PowerCore Mini Portable Charger

Our phones have become the most important thing in our lives! You can forget to take your food along but can never forget your mobile phone charger. It is one of the most common must-have travel accessories 2017. This Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger efficiently charges your phone and is also available at cheap rates. 

Go Tenna

What’s the use of traveling when you can’t capture the mesmerizing sceneries? You should definitely take along something to record your precious moments and for that DJI Mavic Pro Drone is the best travel tech gadget 2017. This compact device has a 4K camera which lets you capture your beautiful surroundings in an HD video. Don’t get intimidated by its high price, you can get it at minimum possible rates with DJI Coupon.

Go Tenna

The biggest problem which most of the travelers have to face is the absence of the cellular service. Go Tenna is the solution to this problem. Now, in case of an emergency, you can pair it up with your Smartphone through blue tooth to send messages and share your location with others. You can shop a variety of similar devices from Geefi at low rates using Geefi Coupon.

Ultimate Ears Blast Wireless Smart Speaker

If you can’t lead your journey without music, this Smart Speaker will be your best travel companion. It has WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity with a 360-degree surround sound feature. When fully charged, it can be used to play music up to 12 hours. You can hear the music everywhere every time and enjoy to your fullest! 

CamelBak All Clear Water Purifying Bottle

Water is something on which you can’t compromise because you can risk yourself by drinking contaminated water. You can’t take a water filtration system along with you but you can take this CamelBak All Clear Water Bottle which can efficiently purify any tap water within seconds.

Goal Zero Portable Charger

For those who are traveling to a place where they cant plug-in their mobile for charging, this is a useful addition to their backpack. You will only need sunlight to charge your phone with this Goal Zero Portable Charger. 

Travis 80-Language Translator

One of the main problems which tourists usually face is the problem of understanding the native language of their travel destination. But with this remarkable translator, you can have an instantaneous translation for carrying out a conversation in any language. This smart pocket translator can translate up to 80 languages and also has WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity. Just with a single tap, you can enter a world of different languages. 

TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case

Are you fond of underwater photography? Then this TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case is specially designed for you! Capture stunning pictures of aquatic life without worrying about the damage that water can do to your valuable phone. This case will give complete water protection to your iPhone allowing you to make videos and take photos with great convenience. 

  • 17-in-1 Stainless Steel Folding Army Knife Survival Tool

Stanley  Folding Utility Knife

When you are away from your home, you may require a knife or other tools for your particular use but when you are with Fast Tech, but you don`t worry at all because you have 17-in-1 stainless steel folding army knife survival tool. This stainless knife will serve you as the essential survivor gadget. It will help you with several functions such as the knife, wood chisel, tweezers, can opener, magnifier, screwdriver, etc. It can also be used as a toothpick, wood saw threader, filer and a lot more.  It is very sharp and sophisticated-looking too! Carry it along in your wild expeditions and avail FastTech Coupon to enjoy pocket-friendly rates at every purchase.

Solar Puff

If you are searching for a solar light to take along for camping then look no further than Solar Puff.  It is extremely compact as it can be packed flat and puffed easily. It is the origami-inspired solar light that serves as a great replacement for kerosene lamps. Its battery takes about 8 hours to charge and can produce up to 12 hours of light. It gives light in three ways including low, high and flash.

  • Flytop 4 Person Camping Tent-Lake Blue

Menu Baggy Wine Bag

Are you thinking to go for a picnic or having a party away from your home? Grab Flytop 4 person camping tent-lake blue from Gear Best now and enjoy secured rest and sleep for four persons. This tent is thickened PU-coated layer. It serves you as water resistance and never allows water to come in your tent so that you will enjoy relaxing time in your Flytop camping tent. It is portable and stylish. So, place your order of this camping tent now and enjoy the best trip with relaxing sleep in Flytop camping tent. You can buy it immediately at incredible discount rates by using Gear Best Coupon

Patagonia Sun & Insect Repellent Shirt

Apart from travel gadgets and accessories you also need appropriate clothing to provide you with the necessary comfort and safety. You can find many brands providing some of the most innovative clothing that offers protection from sun rays, insects, dust and such other things.  This Patagonia shirt provides UV protection and also serves as an EPA-certified insect repellent. Wear this breathable shirt during your journey to shield yourself from any serious harm. 

MiniPresso Portable Espresso Maker

A strong cup of espresso will take away all the tiredness of your journey and refresh your mind and soul! With this incredible handheld espresso maker by Wacaco Company, you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee anywhere anytime! Add hot water along with grounded coffee and get ready to experience the goodness of homemade coffee. It is the most compact and most practical solution to fulfill your coffee desires. 

  • Business Bags

Bluesmart One - Smart Luggage

Are you a business person? If yes then, you must require business suitcases to travel to the long travels. Bags Etc. provides you impressive business bags selection that gives you guarantee to keep your stuff safe and secure whenever you go on the business trip. It gives you an exclusive range of bags from men`s shoulder bags to the multi-section bags. You can visit the world with the business luggage from Bags Etc. So, order for your business bags at Bags Etc. and enjoy marvelously low rates at all the purchases of bags by utilizing Bags Etc Coupon

Antoni - Antitheft Travel Backpack

Get rid of your large and bulky backpacks and introduce yourself to this smart backpack! Now you don’t have to worry about your belongings because everything can be now secured with this Anti-Theft Travel Backpack. This bag has innovative anti-theft features and can be synced with your smart gadgets. It is very lightweight with a 12-liter capacity making it an ideal choice for every traveler! 

RattlerStrap Paracord Survival Belt

If you are out for a highly risky travel adventure then this survival belt is something you can’t be left behind! You can wear it as your stylish everyday belt and it will provide you with 80 feet of paracord when needed. This is one of the most important travel accessories with a high-tensile strength and a sturdy buckle.

Paxter Smart Travel Hygiene Container

Stay clean and crisp with this Paxter Hygiene Container. It will be your hygiene buddy enabling you to conveniently store your shampoo, lotion and more in three chambers of 95ml each. This small liquid dispenser makes you access these products easily.   There is also a separate compartment to store your toothbrush and comb. It is extremely portable and highly recommended for travelers. 

Garmin Speak Amazon Alexa GPS

If you are traveling to a new destination by road, this Alexa GPS will serve as your best guide! Just attach it to your dashboard and get directed towards the best possible route. It has a voice recognition system enabling you to communicate with it through your voice. It also tells you about the latest news and travel updates. It syncs with all of your smart devices and even controls the temperature of your car. 

Anevay Portable Wood Burning Stove

Want to have some great meals on your outdoor adventure? Then take this portable stove to cook something delicious without any hassle! Your camping trip will be incomplete without this most amazing travel gadget. It is very portable and is perfect to take along to a family picnic.  

SmithFly Shoal Inflatable Raft Tent

Going for camping? How can you not take this extremely incredible tent with you! This SmithFly Shoal Inflatable Raft Tent sits on a top of a raft making it very easy to assemble in very less time! It is completely waterproof so that you can place it over any pond and lake and float as you sleep. Very durable and is available at very moderate rates. 

Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

When going on vacations also take this pocket-sized wash bag with you. It is really portable and lightweight, equipped with latest innovative technology. Now you can wash your clothes on a mountain or in a valley and also save your money and time. Just add 2-3 liters of water along with few drops of washing liquid to make your clothes clean and crisp again.

Dot&Dot Electronics Organizer

You will be seriously amazed by the amount of space this electronics organizer offers! There is a room for mobile phone chargers, cables, USBs, batteries, SD cards and more. Keep all of your small things secure in it. This handy product occupies very less space and can easily be tucked inside your backpack!

TomTom Spark fitness Watch

Monitor your heart rate with this fitness gadget. It is an ideal watch that keeps the tracks of your every step by calculating the number of steps you have taken in a particular time period. You can even use it for tracking your sleep. If you are getting bored, it also comes with an inbuilt storage for songs.

Tile Mate

Another amazing Travel Essential, Tile`s Bluetooth tracker is one of the cleverest purchases on this rundown. Join it to your keys, gear, passport, wallet or any other thing and track the exact location of everything just through a smartphone application. Keep your belongings within your reach with this smart device. Is your cellphone missing? Just press Tile`s button and it will start ringing on silent mode too. 

Equz Leather Messenger Bag

Travel with style with this Equz Leather Messenger Bag from Capra Leather.  This sleek bag has room for everything from a laptop to a jacket. It is padded from inside to safeguard your belongings. It also has two front pockets with an additional pocket at the back. Comes with a retractable handle and a detachable shoulder strap, this bag is your perfect travel partner. 

BauBax Travel Jacket

How about a having a jacket that can hold each of your devices and other important accessories?  We have this BauBax Travel Jacket which is outfitted with 15 distinctive features making it a perfect choice for every traveler.  It has sufficient space to store your personal devices and accessories. It also includes a neck pillow, earphone holder, drink pocket, glass pocket, eye mask, hanky pocket, charger pocket along with some additional features. It is available for both men and women in multiple sizes.

Lomo LC-Wide 35mm Camera

Now, you can capture your memorable and adventurous moments with this outclass Camera. Take wildest photos to the widest extreme through its Lomographic shots. You can choose between three different photo formats and can also set the level of exposure and focus it offers. If you are crazy for wide-angle photography then this is something you can’t miss. This camera is one of the best travel gadgets and gears for every wanderer.