Halloween Costumes Ideas Based on Your Zodiac Signs

Halloween Costumes Ideas Based on Your Zodiac Signs

All of us are anticipating Halloween 2017 but have you finalized your Halloween look yet?  For most of us, Halloween costume selection is a bit intimidating because it is not at all easy to find a perfect one when so many options are available! So, let us make this task easier for you by providing you some more specific options to choose from. How about getting a costume that best represents your zodiac sign? If it sounds great to you then here`s the list of top-notch Halloween Costumes that will go flawlessly with your respective zodiac signs.


A Cancer believes home is where your heart is! They are introverts who feel comfortable and cozy in their own space and don`t want anyone to interfere in their business. They are simple people who want simplicity in everything including their outfits. A Cancerian will love to wear something that gives a homely feeling and offers the same comfort as their pyjamas.

Featured Halloween Costume Idea:  Winnie the pooh Piglet Deluxe Costume


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Stubbornness and patience are the main traits of a Tarus! They do whatever they want to and don`t care about the opinion of others. A Taurus loves everything old-fashioned! Even in this modern era their soul craves for something that is old-timed and antique, The Halloween costumes ideas for Tarus mainly feature belle costumes, disco clothing and retro dresses which will make them look like a diva from 90`s! 

Featured Halloween Costume Idea:  Women`s Rockin 80`S Costume



Geminis are famous for their dual personalities: they are a combo of good and evil. They are full of positive energy but also experience some severe mood swings. This Halloween Geminis can go for something that reflects their both sides and make them look super attractive too! They love to get attention so the best choice will be to wear something that makes every eye stick to them!

Featured Halloween Costume Idea:  Women`s Greek Goddess Costume


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Virgo women always go for stellar looks! They are perfectionists and never settle for anything less. Their exceptional skills and talent make them stand out in a crowd. Virgo ladies are known to be some of the most beautiful women in the world. This Halloween adopt a look of the most inspirational girl, great achiever or a powerful superwoman which is the exact reflection of a Virgo.

Featured Halloween Costume Idea:  Women`s Robin Costume



A Sagittarius is like a free bird who loves to travel around the world. They are extroverts, and because of their outgoing nature, they cannot stay at a single place for a long time. Go for a look of any of the famous Disney`s girls who is as outgoing as you!

Featured Halloween Costume Idea:  Snow White Deluxe Costume



Libras know how to enjoy their life to its fullest without running away from any of their responsibilities. They excel in maintaining the balance in every aspect of their life. They appreciate little things in life and find happiness in simple things. So, a well-balanced yet graceful Halloween costume will be an ideal choice for them.

Featured Halloween Costume Idea:  Hipster Skeleton Adult Womens Costume



Capricorns are defined as very passionate and focused ones. They take things too seriously and have a sophisticated and sober nature. A Capricorn lady must go for an uptown and refined look, unlike others who like to dress up crazy and funny. A Capricorn-born lady should try something elegant and classy which makes her magnificent from head to toe. 

Featured Halloween Costume Idea:  Classic Beauty Adult Costume



Aries want to conquer the world! They believe that nothing is impossible and they strive to make the impossible possible. They want to live their life to fullest and always do whatever makes them happy no matter how much craziness it involves. Their Halloween costumes must also reflect that positive vibe that we can see coming from their personality.  

Featured Halloween Costume Idea:  Super Girl Costume 



A Pisces is an epitome of love! Sacrifice and selflessness are deep-rooted in them, they fall in love quickly, and others also can`t resist loving them. They are happy-go-lucky persons so they should wear something that defines happiness just like an ice-cream or cupcake does! 

Featured Halloween Costume Idea: Women`s Cupcake Costume



What comes to our minds when we think of a Leo? Apparently, strong and influential people who can at times become fierce like the king of a jungle. Their Halloween costume should also depict their dominant and fearless nature! 

Featured Halloween Costume Idea:  Adult Maleficent Costume


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Aquarius are highly intellectual ones that love spending time reflecting upon something innovative and creative. They are nerds who are ready to live their whole lives just with their books. An overall nerdy look will work best for them this Halloween. 

Featured Halloween Costume Idea: Adult Geek Chic Nerd Costume



Scorpios have a matchless class with a sky-high passion. They work as best as they can to achieve their dreams. They are never afraid to take risks and experience new things. They can also risk their Halloween look by wearing an outfit that represents the passion and the fire that is within their soul. 

Featured Halloween Costume Idea: Women`s Skeleton Siren Costume