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I am a passionate writer currently working with It’s my desire to make people aware about new fashion trends through content marketing. I have got everything covered in my blogs which can help you to enhance your knowledge and skills. Recently completed my P.H.D in English Language from Cambridge University, UK. Writing effective contents and hangouts with friends is my desirable task that I love to do everyday.


20 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

Check out the most interesting and fascinating movies especially produced for Christmas to make this ocassion more exciting. Here, we have delivered complete and accurate information about top 20 movies such as release date, IMDb ranking, cast, director and most importantly their trailers. Now, you don’t have to waste your time in searching different websites to choose the best one. Just take a bowl of popcorns with Christmas drinks and watch the desired movie with your loved ones to make your celebrations memorable.


9 Stages Of Pregnancy To Enter The World Of Parenthood

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life in which she experiences a lot of physical and internal changes in her body. If it is your first experience then you need to know about all the essential Do’s, Don’ts and the surprising changes in your mood and body that will occur during a successful pregnancy. Therefore, here are some worth-knowing facts and tips to assist our mothers-to-be! 


12 Foods and Drinks for a Healthy Sleep

Are you facing trouble in sleeping?  If yes, then you are not the only one.  Around 50 million Americans experience trouble in sleeping on a daily basis. Lack of sleep results in frustration and irritation, and the deficiency of sleep can also lead to serious health problems such as an increased waistline, high blood pressure and mood swings. 


Tips to Protect Your Lips in Winter

Winters are around the corner, everyone has begin the preparations such as shopping for warm outfits, covering the floors with carpets and mats as well as buying ingredients to prepare soups and other winter meals. Well, you are still skipping the most important thing that is the care for your sensitive skin, it needs immense protection.


Top 10 Reasons to Visit Paris

There are millions of places to travel in the world, but the one which inspires us the most is Paris. It is a marvelous city for every person who dreams to spend their life close to the beautiful nature. From its culture and architecture to its history and food, the beauty is engraved in its pores and is lit up from within its core. Whether you are visiting the `City of Lights` first time or availing a second chance to visit it, your decision is much appreciable. There is no better place than Paris to have unlimited fun and enjoyment, and we have proved this through our top 10 reasons to visit this worthy place.