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Syeda Anum

About Syeda Anum

I’m a Software Engineer and a Content Writer. As a passion-driven writer, I believe Content Writing to be the most Creative thing to do. I hold a deep interest towards the sense of modernizing trends. I happen to have a fine eye to observe modern fashion trends, interior designs of the house, latest shoe trends and everything related to make you and your surroundings to look fashionable. You can learn about all the popular trends and up-to-date fashions in my blogs.


Pros And Cons Of E-Cigarettes

Not all the E-Cigarettes are nicotine free. There is this thing called “e-liquid” which is basically a cartridge that goes right into the body of the Electronic Cigarettes. It could consist of nicotine, but there are some e-liquids that are nicotine-free, which means there will be no amount of nicotine present in it. Only the flavor of nicotine would be added so that while vaping, the user could feel the taste of nicotine but it`s actually harmless due to the no presence of actual nicotine.


Online Shopping - A Portable Magic

When you hear the word shopping, you can feel the flow of ecstasy, and an adrenaline rush through the veins. Despite the age, cast or gender, everyone loves to shop. Holding the shopping bags in your hands with its soft threaded handle swirling in your fingers gives you the feeling of satisfaction. The smell of the leather goods and a touch of the soft fur make you feel loved. 


How To Become An Extreme Couponer

No human being can deny that Shopping is something that everyone loves to do. But it can be way too expensive sometimes. It is not affordable for everyone all the time. You can say that sales are the best way to get what you want in the most reasonable prices, but for the fact that sales don’t go around all the year, eventually, you have to buy things at original prices sooner or later.


Creative DIY Furniture Ideas You Should Try

A house is like a human body, and furniture is the apparel that this body wears. Other decorations are just the accessories that complement the dress. Right fixtures with the proper clothing give you a perfect look. But choosing the appropriate dress is more important. Furniture is the beauty of the house. This is what makes a house looks complete. It gives the perfect finishing to the house. Just like the stars in the sky, furniture is what plays the vital role in decorating a home.